Since our launch in January

Why start Dropstreaming?


It's the most FUN business model ever! Everybody loves listening music, so finding an audience is easy.


Dropstreaming is super easy once you know the roads and you don't need complicated software or a legal entity!

Low Risk

The initial startup fees are super low, you can start with $100 so your risk is minimal.

For Everybody 

Since you won't need experience or knowledge about the music industry anyone can start Dropstreaming!

Everyone wins

Because you are collaborating with music producers you both benefit. They make the music, you earn from the streams! 


Watch my FREE training video below

In this short FREE 20-minute Dropstreaming training video, I will expose the secrets of the music business and teach you how to get started with dropstreaming today. I will show you my results and why this is a nearly risk-free way of earning money online in 2023! 


Hi, I'm Stef! 

and my mission is to make you successful in Dropstreaming, the most fun side-hustle of 2023!


I was born and raised in a little country below sea level called: the Netherlands. You know, that country where all the DJs are from. 

Since we're pretty much the biggest music country in the world, especially in electronic music - I have a lot of friends and connections in the music business. And with one of them, I decided to join forces and create the Ivy Tribe Dropstream Academy 

With my vast background in eCommerce and marketing and his decade of experience in the music industry we created the #1 academy in Dropstreaming.

When creating our academy our top priority was to create a program that was easy to follow for people with zero experience in the music industry and it was a must to give all of our students the proper mentoring and guidance to help them succeed. So that's what we did and continue to do to this day.

And I'm happy to report that thanks to our dedication to our community and program we've welcomed over 100 students since our launch in January! 

I'm looking forward to welcome you to our academy as well!


This is what our students say about our academy:

Join our 100+ students

And start Dropstreaming today by enrolling into our academy by clicking the button below. We're waiting for you!


When you join our Academy 

You'll get instant access to our Dropstreaming program 'Streaming Secrets Exposed' The ultimate 14-day step-by-step blueprint to building a 6-figure Dropstreaming business!

Which includes: 

Mentoring all the way!

Whether you're just starting or are already an advanced Dropstreamer, our mentoring never stops! We have an exclusive Discord community where our team is always standing by to help you on your way.

Amazing Community

Our amazing community exists out of people from all walks of life who are always eager to help each other become better and more successful with Dropstreaming. We are collaborators, not competitors!

100+ Course videos

Our online program is packed with short and easy to follow videos, so you can always find your way back in case you need to revisit a section of the program

14-Day step-by-step blueprint

We spent over a year developing an easy to follow guide so you never miss a step in Dropstreaming. Clear, concise and super easy!

Free seminars

We are constantly making new 1-hour seminars which are free for our students and make your Dropstreaming life easier. 

Insider Secrets

Our vast network in the music industry allows us (and you!) to stay on top of your Dropstreaming game so you can fast-track your way to success!

Ivy Tribe Academy:


  • Earn an income today with the most FUN online business model ever
  • Join our 100+ students in our community to get all the tips and tricks to up your game!
  • Low risk, low initial cost and easy to start
  • Need mentoring? We're there for you! 
  • Super clear course material in the form of short videos, so you can stay focused! 
  • It's for everyone! 

A Peek Inside The Program: 

What are you waiting for?!

It's time to join your tribe and start your dropstreaming adventure by joining the Academy! 

Your tribe is waiting for you!



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